Videos: Nissan begins build process on Juke-R, transfers engine from GT-R

We’ve already seen the first official image of the Nissan Juke-R – but what’s more interesting to us are the videos Nissan of Europe has been releasing along with the development of the GT-R powered crossover.

Nissan has already shown us how technology is transferred from the GT-R to the Juke. Having tested that the GT-R’s systems  and components work in a shortened wheelbase, the engineering team has now released a video (#3) of the build process of the Juke-R. Work involved building a roll cage inside the Juke’s body shell, as well constructing the structure that houses the GT-R’s engine, drivetrain and other vital systems.

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The next video (#4) is probably the most interesting out of the ones released so far. It shows how the heart of the GT-R – the V6 turbo 480-hp – is transferred to the Juke. Engineers not only build the Juke around the engine but also find space to house all the cooling systems that it needs to perform.

Hit the jump for the two latest videos in the Nissan Juke-R Development Series.

Check out Nissan’s Official Juke-R Facebook page for more pictures.

Nissan JUKE-R Video 3 – The Build Begins:

Nissan JUKE-R Video 4 – The Engine:

– By: Omar Rana