Exclusive: 2013 BMW 3 Series Coupe will not be badged 4 Series, death of M3 Sedan is just speculation

The 3 Series has a long standing history in the BMW brand. Back in 1975, the German automaker introduced the E21 3 series, which replaced the 2 series and ever since the model has become volume seller for the Munich based automaker. So when we heard reports that the next-generation BMW 3 Series Coupe will drop the 3 for a number 4 – we were a bit surprised.

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Curious as to where these reports started, we decided to contact BMW.

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Over the last three generation of the 3 Series, the coupe variant has followed the sedan by about a year and the same is expected to happen with the new model. That means the new 2012 BMW 3 Series Sedan, which goes on sale in February 2012, will be followed by the coupe sometime in the first half of 2013.

So will it be called the 4 Series instead of the 3 Series Coupe? According to BMW Product, Technology & Heritage Communications at BMW of North America, LLC, Dave Buchko “We’ve seen nothing official to suggest that a Coupe would be called anything but 3 Series.”

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So all those reports you’ve been hearing about the next 3 Series Coupe to be called the 4 Series – throw those out of your mind.

As far as rumors about the BMW M3 Sedan being canned, Buchko says: “We have no details on a next generation of M3 at this stage, but a lot of folks are having fun speculating.”

– By: Omar Rana