Report: U.S. Army testing fuel-efficient Hummvees

U.S. Army Humvee Hummer

Even the U.S. Army is looking to go a little more eco-friendly as it searches to replace the Humvee with a more fuel efficient model.

A program initiated by the U.K. based Ricardo Inc. called the Fuel Efficient Demonstrator has a goal to “improve military vehicle technology, reduce fuel consumption on the battlefield and reduce the nation’s dependance on oil,” per the company’s website. The Army has been working with this company and so far has an FED Alpha model that sees a 70% improvement in fuel consumption over the M1114 Hummer. However, the Alpha’s 7 mpg to the Hummer’s 4 mpg is what that improvement equates to.

Other improvements include an aluminum body structure to reduce weight, low-friction parts with custom brakes, transmission, and engine.

A Bravo model is currently in development as well, which is said to utilize a hybrid electric powertrain and should be tested by the end of the year.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: KickingTires