Nissan says long range EVs are unnecessary – what do you think? (w/ Poll)

2011 Nissan LEAF Black Electric Car

The Nissan LEAF, according to the EPA’s fuel-economy testing, lets owners drive a total of 73 miles. Nissan’s own internal test using the LA-4 cycle, shows the LEAF’s driving range to come in at 100 miles on a single charge.

While driver’s who have range-anxiety want at least 200 to 300 miles between charges, Nissan think it’s unnecessary.

According to Mark Perry, director of product planning and strategy for Nissan North America, ‘there’s no market need’ for an EV that gets hundreds of miles between charges.

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Nissan’s data shows that a typical LEAF owner driver travels about 37 miles a day, meaning LEAF owners on average use only half the juice of a fully charged battery. That’s pretty consistent with a study conducted by other organizations that found that Americans drive less than 40 miles a day.

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– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoObserver