Google’s driverless car aiming to travel 1 million miles by itself

After passing 1,000 miles without driver intervention, Google co-founder Sergey Brin is aiming for 1 million miles driven only by the self-driving vehicle.

So far, one of Google’s cars was involved in an accident, yet the company believes that the driver, not its system, is responsible.

Brin has commented on the new goal for the autonomous system, saying “…we need to move on to a million miles, and the level of reliability that we need for a real consumer product is high. But we’re getting there, and we’re optimistic.”

As for the legal aspects of the self-driving cars, he says “…there have been very progressive legislatures, for example, which doesn’t just allow for autonomous vehicles, but allows the driver a greater degree of flexibility in their attention when we have such a vehicle, and I expect others to follow. I mean, the benefit to society to having cars driving themselves is extraordinarily high and I’m optimistic that everyone will recognize that.”

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: PCMag