25 recycled plastic bottles used in carpeting of each 2013 Ford Escape

Before I begin, I just want to let you know that the blue silhouette you see above is our first official teaser of the new Ford Escape. Either way, Ford is getting greener with a new carpeting material for the upcoming Escape model. Empty plastic bottles sized 25-30 ounces, will be used by the automotive company to create carpet for every new Escape produced for the first time in an SUV.

The new carpeting has been inspected for durability by running tests that take 10 to 15 minutes but simulate 5 years of wear or better. The tests run a small circular piece of the material that spins through weights that rub against it.

Part of improving the durability was increasing the amount of plastic bottles used in the creation of the material. Also added is cast foam to cut noise down and provide a smoother backing for the carpet.

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Automeum is responsible for providing the carpet that is produced in Bloomsburg, PA.

Ford’s new Escape will be revealed at the LA Auto Show this November.

– By: Alexandra Koken