General Motors China sales top 2 million in 2011

Buick Regal GS in China

Though not shocking to some, the world’s largest player in the world’s largest industry broke another record in China: General Motors sold over 2 million cars this past year. “This is another outstanding achievement for GM in the world’s largest vehicle market,” said Kevin Wale, president and managing director of the GM China Group. “Our key brands and many of our key products have continued to experience record demand despite intense competition.”

First though, a bit of history: GM started doing business in China in 1908 and since has picked up 11 partners, 35,000 employees and two complete enterprises. Over the past six years or so, GM’s presence in China is similar in some ways to Ford’s Model T heyday.

Certainly one of the largest brands is Buick (up 24 percent), which is strongly viewed as a prestige automobile in China versus a senior citizen’s car of choice in the US. This past year, Cadillac’s sales grew by 74 percent thanks largely to their very recent and formal introduction. GM does not just peddle Buick and Cadillac though. They also sell Chevy (up 18 percent), and Opel, plus a couple of Chinese-specific cars: Baojun, Kiefang and Wuling.

Selling over 2 million cars certainly is no small feat. But interestingly enough, they pulled that off last year. The real increase of note is 28% in total sales. Wale topped it all off, saying that “We do not intend to rest on our laurels.”

– By: Sawyer Sutton