Video: Drunk man lets his 9-year old daughter be his designated driver

9 year old drives drunk dad van

Shawn Weimer, 39, is being summoned to court for the outrageous crime of having his nine-year-old daughter be his designated driver after having too many drinks.

Weimer is being brought up on charges for two counts of child abuse and being a repeat offender. He is facing 15 years in prison if he is convicted.

Robert Grant, Brownstown Township Detective Lt. made the understatement “It’s a terrible error in judgement,” in a radio interview on Tuesday. He also noted that when he pulled the young girl over, her response was “Why did you stop me? I was driving pretty good.”

The two were pulled over after an anonymous call to 911 reported that around 3 a.m. they saw the girl pull out of a Citgo gas station.

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– By: Alexandra Koken