Video: A Nissan GT-R is so easy to drive, even a 5-year old can do it…sort of

Kid drives Nissan GT-R like Ken Block

One of the controversies surrounding the Nissan GT-R is that it’s so jam packed with clever technology to keep its massive and heavy body stable at speed, that anyone can drive it and feel like a hero. And amongst the truly talented drivers, that’s frowned upon because the driver isn’t truly handling the car using his own skills and is rather depending on the car’s electronics to go batsh*t insane fast.

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To more or less to give off the impression that anyone can manhandle a Nissan GT-R like a professional, someone decided to make a video depicting a 5-year old hooning a Nissan GT-R. Obviously, the 5-year old isn’t truly driving the car, but the editing is clever enough to make the random viewer think so.

So whether you love the GT-R or not, the video is definitely a short, yet entertaining timewaster.

– By: Chris Chin

Chris Chin

Chris Chin is the Editor-In-Chief of egmCarTech and is a regular contributor to Automobile Magazine.

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