Report: New Audi R8 coming in 2014, will get carbon and aluminum structure

Audi R8 V12 TDI Concept Side Quarter View

Given Audi’s current propensity for aluminum and the controversial carbon fiber stripe on the existing R8 supercar, welcome and unsurprising news comes from Audi that the next R8 will have a hybrid aluminum and carbon fiber chassis. VW group ownership of both the R8 and the new Lamborghini Aventador begs the question: why not a carbon fiber monocoque?

Though not exactly in the same class, McLaren’s alphabet soup car also sports the carbon fiber monocoque, further egging on the question of an all-carbon car.

Audi’s head of development, Michael Dick says the use of both materials yields even better results, suggesting that the choice allows for a lighter car: the tub alone loses 45 pounds out of 490. Dick also pointed out that it is the less expensive way to go. Will Audi pass this savings onto the consumer is the question though.

In the unconfirmed rumor mill, there is discussion of an R8 “NF” lightweight supercar and a dual clutch transmission, either way, it seems those who enjoy driving fast Audis will probably continue enjoying fast Audis.

– By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Automobilwoche