Report: New Range Rover may get C-X16 Concept’s V6 powerplant

Range Rover’s upcoming Mk4 flagship is getting a lot of attention just before its 2012 release. A recent rendering has been released that provides some insight as to what all the buzz is about.

The brand has taken a step away from the readily-identifiable body style it has been maintaining with sleeker lighting in the front and rear, a greater slope to the roof line, and the windshield gets a deep slope by comparison. A wider and longer platform is being used, and in turn the rear wheels are moved further towards the back of the vehicle.

Upgrades for the interior are expected to reflect Range Rover’s commitment to quality, along with alterations in the construction of the vehicle. Pressed aluminum monocoque will be used because it is light enough to offset the size increase, as it still decreases the overall weight of the Range Rover.

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Power for the base Mk4 Range sees the least variation from previous models, with V6 and V8 diesel versions, and both an n/a and a supercharged V8 petrol motor. There is some speculation about the car borrowing the C-X16’s V6, however, and that could also be used in a plug-in hybrid variant. All 2012 models are expected to be more fuel efficient then their predecessors.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: AutoCar