Man building Ford GT90 Concept in his garage

The 90’s style, 750-hp GT90 has been one of Ford’s more popular concepts. With a V12 that gave the possibility of a 235 mph top speed, fan Adam Pintek couldn’t leave the GT90 as simply a concept.

Pintek decided to craft a GT90 on his own, and has been doing so for the last four years. So far, about 80 percent of the body is compelete and the chassis is being made through a collaborative effort with a Formula race car builder.

Under the hood is where Pintek veered off in his on direction, with a 6.2-liter twin turbo V8. This version is expected to produce more than the GT90’s 750-hp, hitting 1,000hp with the mid-mounted V8. The rear wheel drive supercar will transfer power to the rear wheels via a six speed manual transmission.

The project is expected to be compelted by 2014.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: NVIDIA