Study: White replaces silver as America’s favorite automotive color

Lexus LFA

PPG Industries is responsible for painting a substantial portion of vehicles across the globe, and the company’s data shows that white is the preferred color around the world for 2011 model-year cars. Only slightly higher than silver and black, which each account for 20 percent, white cars make up 21 percent of the market.

The color preferences vary by region, still, with 20 percent of U.S. buyers opting for white, while Europeans prefer black, at 26 percent popularity, and in Asia, silver is the most popular at 25 percent. In all regions, no matter which came out on top, black white and silver are the three most popular.

PPG conducted a study online to get the consumer’s perspective on color consideration for new cars, and the findings show that color is a big factor for buyers when selecting a new vehicle. Around 30 percent say they would offer up extra money for a color they liked, 77 percent factor color into their purchase, and 40 percent would like to see a greater range of options for color.

– By: Alexandra Koken