Nissan, GE sign agreement to speed up adoption of electric-cars

Nissan and GE both recently have engaged in a research collaboration to span the next two years to work on creating a system for charging electric vehicles on the same scale as gas stations currently exist.

Mark Little, Senior Vice President and Director of GE Global Research says “As the U.S. and world move toward electric vehicles, the automotive sector is forming new industry connections that extend well beyond the traditional OEM space. One of the biggest connections being made is with companies that generate and provide electricity. As a major provider of power generation equipment and energy services, GE is in a great position to help the automotive industry bring millions of electric vehicles one the grid.”

The approach will be to research integrating ev’s with buildings and houses, and then to examine the impact vehicle charging can have on the grid in the future. Additional projects are taking place to study aspects such as GE’s smart home concept, and how cars like the Nissan Leaf can work in conjunction with that idea. Testing on a very large scale is also taking place, as GE is simulating the effects of millions of ev’s being on the road.

By: Alexandra Koken