Hyundai CEO: A halo sports car isn’t a priority of mine

2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

In a recent interview with WardsAuto, Hyundai Motor America chief John Krafcik highlighted some pretty important future product development decisions going on behind closed doors.

The Korean automaker currently offers models in most U.S. segments except for pickups and premium sports cars.

Krafcik said that he doesn’t see the need for a sports car right now that would go head-to-head with the Chevrolet Corvette or Nissan GT-R. He said that the move wouldn’t be a wise investment.

“I’m not saying we’d never do one, but it wouldn’t be a priority of mine,” Krafcik told WardsAuto. “You define your brand as much by what you choose not to do as what you do. We’ve got a laser-like focus on leading the industry in fuel efficiency. Would it be cool and fun to have a halo performance car? Yeah. But it would be expensive, and what would it really do for us?”

Krafcik said that the Genesis Coupe is a good halo sports car for now and is bringing buyers into dealerships.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: WardsAuto