Report: Kia to introduce small EV by end of 2011

Kia Venga EV Concept

Plans have been made by Hyundai Motor Group to release a new electric vehicle under the Kia brand by the end of this year, with more upcoming as of 2014.

The new EV has been dubbed the TAM project, and will share underpinnings with the Hyundai i10. After testing similar models in South Korea, Hyundai believes it is ready to initiate production on the 2,000 units planned for 2012 release.

For 2014, Kia will bring in a compact EV, while Hyundai will do the same late in 2015.

The TAM project is part of Hyundai’s efforts to hit the tightening global emissions standards.

This week’s announcement did not specify if the EV will hit the U.S. or not.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: Automotive News