Report: Cadillac “ATS” convertible cancelled

Cadillac ATS Teaser

Due to Cadillac’s recent success, the new ATS has the potential of being a very competitive alternative to the BMW 3-Series and the Audi A4. In fact, things were going so well, Cadillac was also planning for other body variants of the new ATS including a coupe and convertible version. However, there’s some new word that Cadillac has unfortunately scrapped the convertible version.

Last October, General Motors confirmed that three variants of the ATS were under development: a coupe, convertible, and sedan. A wagon version was also being planned but was cancelled before the ATS even got the green light.

Rumor has it from an inside anonymous source within GM that “there weren’t high enough volume projections of the car to justify the needed capital investment to build it.” There will still be a coupe version though.

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All ATS’s will be built on GM’s new Alpha rear-wheel drive platform and the sedan version is expected to launch next summer. Supposedly, there will be two engine options: a 2.0L turbocharged four-banger and a 3.6L V6, both with six-speed cog swappers. All-wheel drive is expected to be optional.

The ATS coupe is projected for an early 2015 launch while there are clues that hint high-performance V-Series editions of the coupe and sedan are in the works. Either way, I have faith Cadillac will do the ATS well and once the V-Series variants come out, well, that will make the comparisons even more interesting.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: GMInsideNews

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