Exclusive: No Lexus LFA Roadster in the works, V8 option for GS sedan is unlikely

Following the debut of the Lexus LFA Concept, Toyota’s luxury brand brought a roadster version of the study to the auto show circuit in 2008. Known as the Lexus LFA Roadster Concept, the study gave us hopes and dreams of a drop-top variant to the company’s $375,000 supercar.

Unfortunately, those hopes and dreams are being shattered today. Bill Kwong of Lexus Division Communication tells us that the Lexus LFA Roadster “was purely a concept and was created as the result of a styling exercise. He said that “there were no plans for a production version.”

We then decided to ask Kwong about the possibility of a V8 option for the new Lexus GS sedan, a question that is been bothering since the launch of the 2013 GS last month. At launch the 2013 Lexus GS is only being offered with V6 and hybrid powertrain. So will there be a V8?

“With gas prices escalating, the importance of the V8 engine in the GS/Mid-Luxury Segment is on the decline,” Kwong told us. “At launch, V6 and hybrid powertrains will be offered. Lexus is confident that the performance of its V6 engine will exceed the expectations of nearly all of its prospective buyers.”

Basically, that leaves you with the IS-F and the $375,000 LFA as the downright hardcore ‘sports cars’ from Lexus.

– By: Omar Rana