2011 Frankfurt: Volkswagen unveils a sexy Beetle R Concept

The Volkswagen Beetle is perhaps the most iconic car in motoring history. Through various exposures to an ever-changing society, the Beetle however has gained as many haters as it has lovers. History tells us that the Volkswagen Beetle was such a simple and crude car, that it was absolutely woeful to drive. But because it was so simple with its bubbly shape, people loved it. That said, I’ve always hated the Volkswagen Beetle. So for me to look forward to this latest version that Volkswagen is making is as likely as the end of the world in 2012. But this latest Volkswagen Beetle R Concept has me oddly looking forward to this new Beetle.

Beginning with the Scirocco and the Golf, Volkswagen AG has been releasing “R” sport variants of the two, which feature more aggressive bodywork and suspension with larger wheels. And so far, any Volkswagen to receive this treatment has been deemed sexy in my book. And I’m not putting my sexuality in question when I say this, but the Beetle R Concept receives the same treatment and I think it looks brilliant.

The R bodykit is by far the most aggressive when compared to the Scirocco R and Golf R. The wheel arches were widened by 15mm while the protruding bumpers were extended by 30mm. The same 20-inch “Talladega” twin-five spoke wheels make their way onto the Beetle R Concept. To make things more interesting at the back, a rear diffuser was added with quad-exhaust.

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According to VAG, this Beetle R Concept is more than skin deep. The first base Beetle models were put into production this year featuring the GTi’s 2.0L TSI four-banger that’s good for 200hp. It was found to be quick, but not quick enough. So when popped the question, VAG didn’t answer clearly. But they hinted that if the Beetle R Concept is put into production—which it most likely will—it will follow the same trend as the Scirocco R and Golf R in terms of power. With the latter having around 260-270hp, the Beetle R could get that too.

– By: Chris Chin

Chris Chin

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