2012 BMW 1-Series Performance Accessories concept revealed

BMW’s 1-series is getting a line of accessories for the first time, to be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week. The accessories further promote the modern and sporty components of the model.

For the interior, velour edged floor mats are available in a range of color options. A luggage compartment tray can be added, along with ski and snowboard bags with plenty of colors and materials to choose from.

Bicycle racks come with room for two bikes and access to the luggage compartment, and have been designed to be light.

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BMW also took weight reduction into consideration with new alloy wheels and in the new Performance an aerodynamics package, which also comes with a lighter breaking system.

The BMW Performance power kit for the 135i and 335i kick power up by 20hp, as well.

– By: Alexandra Koken