Renault Megane RS 250 by RS Tuning gets 320-hp

Megane RS 250 by RS Tuning

Popular UK tuner RS Tuning’s latest project is a high-powered upgrade for the Renaultsport Megane 250.

The kit is called the Stage 2, and includes upgrades such as a stainless steel exhaust system, high flow intercooler, and an ECU remap. Combined, these mods get an extra 70-hp, totalling 320-hp at 5,500 rpm. Torque is increased from 248 lb-ft, to 360 lb-ft at 3,250 rpm.

A street legal version of this kit runs just over $3,500, with a few hundred in savings for a version with a cat bypass.

We just wish Renault would offer the Megane in the United States.

By: Alexandra Koken