How do you make a Bentley Continental Flying Spur even more exclusive? Team up with Linley

A new limited edition Bentley CFS will be released in China, crafted in collaboration with Linley, a British design company.

Linley incorporates their signature elements, in the CFS with Santos rosewood veneers used to accent the console, fascia, waistrail and other interior elements. The Linley Helix Furniture Collection lends its Helix design to some of these pieces.

Chairmen of Linley, David Linley says of the special edition “It is a great honour to be working alongside such an esteemed British brand as Bentley. Our two brands share a commitment to superlative craftsmanship and design. I believe that culmination of our efforts will result in a car that is utterly unique and reflective of the passion that both brands share for pushing boundaries of engineering and excellence.”

Mark Blanchard, Linley’s Head of Design worked on the project, which also includes branded tread plates, changes to the seating and additional storage. Blanchard comments on the project that “We designed the interior within the stringent constraints specified by Bentley, however we ensured the car exemplified Linley craftsmanship. The car has to look different and we wanted a strong statement inside the interior.”

Despite several challenges, both the Linley designers and Bentley worked together to ensure the best quality in this limited edition Flying Spurs.

– By: Alexandra Koken