2012 Honda Insight coming to Frankfurt with more fuel-efficiency

2012 Honda Insight

At the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, Honda will launch the 2012 Insight Hybrid, which is now even more fuel-efficient producing just 96 g/km of CO2 – 57 mpg on the European cycle.

“Fuel economy and emissions have been improved by means of enhanced aerodynamics and powertrain efficiency,” Honda said in a statement. “Reduced engine friction , Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) and better air conditioning, benefiting from a new cold storage system, all contribute to lower fuel consumption.”

The 2012 Honda Insight also gets a refreshed exterior, some upgrades to the interior and adjustments to the suspension for an overall enhancement of the ride comfort and stability.

So far, Honda has just released one image you see above along with everything you read here. Full technical details will be released later this month.

– By: Omar Rana