Russia approves Siberia-Alaska rail and tunnel between Bering Strait

The Bering Strait

As human beings, we have many things to be proud of in terms of our engineering the achievements. Skyscrapers, tunnels and bridges that span distances that were once thought to be impossible have been accomplished. Now, Russia is looking to do the same and step up the game.

Last week, the Russian Government announced that they will be building a $65 billion Siberia-Alaska railway and tunnel to connected the Bering Strait. Now this, is quite a challenge.

Upon completion, the tunnel will be the world’s longest, one that doubles the distance between the current record holder, the “Chunnel” between England and France.

The idea is for the tunnel to allow the transport of raw goods from inland Siberia to the US and beyond. Additionally, the tunnel could be used to develop a significant link between North America and Asia in terms of renewable energy transmission. In other words, because infrastructure on the Bering Strait will be increased due to the project, that means we humans will finally be able to get a crack at harvesting the Bering Strait’s kinetic energy produced from what are considered by some as one of the most dangerous and roughest stretches of water.

The development of this project will certainly be something worthy to follow.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Inhabitat

Chris Chin

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