More pictures of the Audi Q7 pickup hit the Internet (w/ Poll)

Audi Q7 Pickup

A couple weeks ago, pictures of an Audi Q7 pickup started popping up around the internet. We purposely chose to ignore those pictures as they seemed like a photoshop. Well, now some new images have been put out to clarify that potentially fabricated photo from late last month.

A version of the Audi Q7 gone pick up, diamond plated bed and all, has been spotted. Unfortunately, there are no details as to who is responsible for the creation. Presently, the two distinct possibilities of either it being an interesting tuner, or a concept Audi is working on, are both equally likely.

Remember the BMW M3 Pickup?

More is to come, but what do you think? Is there any market for an Audi pickup, or any other luxury German brands? Let us know in the poll below.

Audi Q7 Pickup:

Audi Q7 Pickup Audi Q7 Pickup Audi Q7 Pickup Audi Q7 Pickup

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: AutoGuide