Video: Nissan launches ‘We’re Back’ campaign, rubs it in Honda’s and Toyota’s face

Nissan - Car Carrier Commercial

NISSAN IS BACK! Ok, what’s all the excitement about? Well, in a little interview with Nissan’s vice President of Sales and Marketing, Al Castignetti, said that Nissan’s inventory is sound for the brand’s sales after working hard to recover from the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake.

“I’m sitting here with 160,000 vehicles in dealer inventory — a 54-day supply,” said Castignetti, “Last year at this time, I had a 46-day supply.”

“Honda and Toyota are talking about coming back. We don’t have to wait till October or November. We’re back now,” he added confidently.

While there has been a public assumption that all Japanese brands’ inventories have been depleted, Castignetti said so is not the case.

“We were tight for a while on a few models, like the Rogue and Juke, but that situation is corrected,” he continued.

Ok, that bit of news probably wasn’t worth the “I-come-through-your-screen-at-your-face-grabber.” But either way, to hear that Nissan let alone Japan are doing well to recover is some good news. To account for Nissan’s comeback, the brand’s sales rose 6% in July, beating Honda by about 6,000 units.

They’ve even launched a new commercial called car carrier, which you can check out after the jump.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Automotive News

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