BMW’s new M3 gets downsized 6-cylinder, straight- or Vee- is unknown


Rumors have been floating around the next generation M3, saying that it will ditch its current 4.0L V8 in favor of a force induced six-cylinder to keep up with the times of engine downsizing and increasing fuel economy. Now though, apparently a BMW insider has allegedly confirmed that the new M3 will be losing two cylinders for its next generation.

The insider said that the new BMW M3 will reach the UK markets by 2014 in coupe form with a twin-turbocharged 3.0L six-cylinder that’s currently under development by BMW’s M-Division.

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The same engine is said to also be the replacement for the next BMW 1-Series M-Coupe. BMW’s insider described the engine as being “heavily differentiated from the current six-cylinders offered by BMW, which include the twin-turbocharged N54 and twin-scroll turbocharged N55 3.0L straight-sixes.”

Some of these differentiations include a new engine management system, indution system, cylinder head, pistons and connecting rods. So basically, it’s a completely new engine.
Word is that despite the downsize, the new six-cylinder could be more powerful than the outgoing 414hp V8. At the press event unveiling the new E90 M3 Sedan CRT, BMW hinted at a figure that will be in the ballpark of 450hp.

The old rumor though said that the new M3 may have a V6. Could this way of hinting at an all-new engine for the M3 be BMW’s way of telling us this is true? Could BMW be slowly phasing out its traditional, more expensive straight sixes in favor of cheaper, more run-of-the-mill V6s like Mercedes-Benz has? Let us hope not. BMW is one of the very few makers who still features straight-sixes.



– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoCar

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