Rumor: Cadillac Converj approved for production… again

Cadillac Converj Concept

Ever since the Cadillac Converj made its debut at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, the car has been rumored/reported to be greenlighted for production on numerous occasions. Finally, in March of 2010, official (and believable) reports stated that GM has officially stopped work on the production version of the Converj to focus on cheaper plug-in hybrids for its luxury brand… until now.

Rumors have kicked off once again that Cadillac has decided to move forward with a production of the Converj.

The model is likely to debut in 2013 as a 2014 model year and will carry Cadillac-‘s three-letter model theme.

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Refresher: The Cadillac Converj Concept is powered by GM’s Voltec-system along with 4-cylinder engine that produces 161-hp with a maximum torque of 273 lb-ft. The Converj can travel up 40 miles on battery-power alone. Top speed is rated at 100 mph. GM says that it takes less than 3 hours to recharge the battery at 240V and about 8 hours from a 120V outlet.

Cadillac Converj Concept:


– By: Omar Rana

Source: Green Car Reports