Motor Trend drives chromed out MTM Audi R8 V10 Biturbo

MTM Audi R8 Biturbo

This is one of those rare moments where the looks of a car is actually distracting from the power. MTM, a tuner out of Germany, has recreated an Audi R8 that has the potential to be literally blindingly beautiful.

The body of the car is covered in a very flashy, yet stunning mirror finish that shines in a way no amount of Turtle wax or California dusting could give you. After 700 hours of stripping and polishing, the delicate finish was finally completed. Any minor defect would result in having to replace an entire panel.

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MTM wasn’t just looking to create a showpiece, however, because the car packs some serious power as well. The reflective A8 pushes 777-hp at 655 lb-ft of torque, giving it enough go to hit 60 mph in a mere 3 seconds. It also maintains a solid ride hitting speeds up to 224 mph.

By no means is this a low maintenance daily driver, but MTM definitely did a brilliant job tuning this A8 to be noticed.

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MTM Audi R8 Biturbo:


By: Alexandra Koken

Source: WOT