After a lot of shadiness, dealer says it will owner $55,100 winning bid for Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R eBay

One lucky bidder is getting an eBay amateur mistake honored in their favor. A 2009 GT-R was listed well below Kelly Blue Book with no reserve, and was won by a bidder named Xou Vang.

Vang won himself a 2009 Nissan GT-R with 36,000 miles on eBay Motors, one that has a Blue Book value of $68,170, for only $55,100. The price tag didn’t come without its challenges, though. Honda San Marcus, the dealer that listed the vehicle, initially wouldn’t return Vang’s emails or phone calls. When he finally did speak with someone, he was told an error was made, and the person who made it was out of town. A man named Ian started working with Vang, and offered him the car for almost $4,000 more than the auction was won for.

Many other issues like this have been reported in regards to sales on eBay Motors. The wording in the User Agreement is a bit vague, and mildly deceptive, saying, in part “For certain categories, particularly Motor vehicles and Real Estate, a bid or offer initiates a non-binding transaction representing a buyer’s serious expression of interest in buying the seller’s item and does not create a formal contract between the buyer and the seller.” Does this protect the buyer, the seller, both, or neither? It seems as if winning a bid for a house or a car on eBay basically means nothing at all. Still, Vang wasn’t satisfied, and continued to pursue the price he felt he deserved.

After reporting to several different agencies, including the Better Business Bureau , and is still met with hostility, yet the Honda San Marcos dealer is stating that they will be honoring the price of the Nissan, as per the dealership owner Randall Ammons. He says “Bottom line, the person who listed it did so incorrectly; that’s our fault… We spent years getting a great reputation, and a deal’s a deal, we’re going to honor it.” Looks like Vang’s persistence paid off.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: eBay (via Motor Trend)