Nissan first to launch QR codes, available across all 2012 lineup

2012 Nissan Altima Coupe QR CodeE-Commerce is more popular than ever. Trips to the shops are becoming more obsolete as we increase our business over the Internet. And with Scion just recently announcing that buyers interested in Scion will be able to buy their cars straight through the Internet, Nissan is taking a step towards e-commerce as well.

Nissan will be the first manufacturer to offer what’s called Quick Response codes for their entire lineup of cars beginning in 2012. The QR codes will allow consumers to quickly find vehicle information by scanning the graphics on their iPhone, or Android and Blackberry devices.

“Nissan’s new QR code program puts important decision-making information at shoppers’ fingertips while on dealership lots, helping sales personnel make a more effective presentation, as well as providing customers with a ‘silent salesperson’ if they are shopping the lot after hours,” said Jon Brancheau, Nissan of North America’s vice president of sales and marketing. “It’s a true mass market effort across all products and all Nissan dealerships nationwide – part of our pledge to bring innovation to every aspect of the vehicle design, buying and ownership experience.”

Essentially, the QR codes are a quick electronic window sticker. So the information that pops up can be quite specific including all sorts of vehicle information. This includes standard and key features, equipment and accessories, video-based overviews, image galleries, incentives, inventory statuses and much more.

– By: Chris Chin