Hybrid sales were up 54.3% in July 2011

As financial statistics keep rolling in to account for the latest action over the course of the year, some more news is popping about, this time with hybrid vehicle sales.

The latest statistics say that hybrid car sales are up 54.3% in the month of July, which means that hybrids now account for 1.86% of the entire vehicle market.

As expected, the Toyota Prius remains the top selling hybrid with 7,907 Prii sold in July, up from 4,340 sold in June. However, it should be noted that these figures are still very low when compared to last year’s 14,102 in July.

The next one may come to a surprise, but it also may not. Hyundai’s Sonata Hybrid was found next on the list trailing behind the Prius with 4,177 sold in July, outselling Toyota’s other hybrids, Honda’s Insight and CR-Z and the Ford Fusion.

– By: Chris Chin