Volkswagen wants to increase focus on U.S. customers

Volkswagen AG of America has announced today that they will be increasing their focus on US customers and the US market in general. This shouldn’t really come as news because the new Jetta and Passat that is available in this country was designed and built specifically to cater to the US market.

V-Dub is forming a new customer-experience organization to “support the customer experience in all business activities.”

Despite Volkswagen’s announcement for their increased efforts towards US customers, we here at egmCarTech still wonder what they mean by that. Because as most of us involved in the industry have come to learn, the latest Jetta was designed specifically for the US market and as a result, the Jetta is now suffering from more build quality issues than ever before and has been criticized for its cheap interior quality and mediocre driving performances.

So is this Volkswagen way of telling us that their new cars for the US market are going to follow in the same footsteps as the current Jetta? Let’s hope not.

–  By: Chris Chin