Video: Chrysler, Eight Mile Style create gospel version of ‘Lose Yourself’

Chrysler, Eight Mile Style, Eminem create gospel version of 'Lose Yourself'

So here’s an interesting piece of news, the kind of reminds me of the earlier days of Top Gear UK, when James May attempted to replicate the famous Top Gear theme song, originally written by famous songwriter Dwayne Allman.

The Chrysler Auto Group and their marketing firm, Eight Mile Style LLC, the ones who came up with the slick slogan “Imported from Detroit,” have just released a new gospel version of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.”

Performed by the “Selected of God” choir, the new song is available for download by iTunes and all of the publishing proceeds earned will be donated to three local Detroit charities.

“The Chrysler brand is firm in its commitment to the City of Detroit and we would like to continue to extend the generosity and goodwill generated from the Imported from Detroit campaign launched during this year’s Super Bowl,” said Olivier Francois Chrysler’s CEO and Lead Executive. “This new rendition of Lose Yourself is very moving, it is meant to inspire the listener from within and it perfectly captures the emotion felt in the Born of Fire commercial.”

Hit the jump for the video of the song.

– By: Chris Chin