Marchionne: Fiat will succeed with Chrysler where Daimler didn’t

In a recent interview, one of Chrysler’s new top executives spoke openly in his thoughts about the latest Fiat and Chrysler merger. Dan Knott, said recently that he has his hopes high for this latest merger between European auto giant, Fiat and Auburn Hills-born Chrysler AG.

Simply put, it comes down to this: “When I need a decision from Sergio,” he said today, referring to Chrysler and Fiat CEO Marchionne, “it comes at lightning speed, where before it would take months.”

Knott has been with Chrysler for about 28 years and has seen what he calls a significant difference in the way their partnership works when comparing the DaimlerChrysler merger of equals and the Chrysler and Fiat merger.

“Sergio is about collaboration, about respect, about humility,” Knott said, “and he’s usually four steps ahead of everybody else.”

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Free Press