Lamborghini to debut new supercar at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show

Lamborghini Supercar Debut at Frankfurt 2011Lamborghini has decided to send out special invites to various media firms throughout the world. In that invite, they tell us to expect a new supercar to appear at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show later this September.

There’s no actual word as to what specifically the supercar is, but we could assume either the new Sesto Elemento or Aventador Roadster will be it. Rumors are already floating around for the Sesto Elemento suggesting an October launch limited to about 10 or 20 units. So time wise, it makes sense that the new supercar could be the Sesto.

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It can equally be the Aventador Roadster too since the Aventador has been floating around showrooms for some time now. Alternatively, the most far-fetched idea is that a new Gallardo LP550-2 Spyder could be the car since the Gallardo is on its way out. However, the release for that car isn’t set until later in the year with no further official word.

– By: Chris Chin