Best car for drives who hate parking, or don’t know how to

Smart Car Parking

Are you one of the many drivers who don’t know how to parallel park very well don’t like to parallel park? Well don’t sweat it now because Automobile Magazine has just come out with their own list of cars that are the easiest to parallel park.

Obviously, small cars like those offered from Smart, MINI, and Fiat were chosen for their small sizes. Easy enough. Heading into some of the larger cars, Infiniti’s EX, FX and QX as well as the BMW 5-Series, 6- and 7-Series, X3, X5, and X6 SAVs were chosen because of their excellent visibility systems.

Others include cars that can park themselves such as the Lexus LS as well as some other offerings from Ford, Lincoln, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. Even the Ford Focus has the option for an automatic parking assist program like the one showcased in the Lexus LS.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Automobile Magazine (via USAToday)

Image Source: Automobile Models