Toyota A-BAT Concept based Scion pickup due 2014

Toyota A-BAT Concept

The compact pickup truck segment has slowly been dying off. However, it seems Toyota may be working to reinvigorate the unique segment. Rumor has it with some photos bouncing around that Toyota may introduce a small-truck through the Scion brand for the 2014 model year.

It would most likely be based off of the 2008 Toyota Advanced Breakthrough Aero Truck Concept that debuted in 2008. Called the A-BAT for short, the concept featured a hybrid powertrain, one that’s similar to other hybrid powertrains currently offered.

However, the last report that we heard said that Toyota axed the idea due to market uncertainties. But just recently, Scion’s vice president Jack Hollis held onto his hope for the A-BAT and is reconsidering it for production.

“Scion is about innovation and doing things differently, Hollis said. “That’s why if we were ever to do something crazy, it would likely be more like a ‘Surprise Utility Vehicle’ rather than a basic pickup truck.”

– By: Chris Chin