OnStar Family Link let’s you stalk your teenagers

GM OnStar Family Link

General Motors and partner, OnStar, have just unveiled their new program, which allows parents to track the real-time location of their teenagers when they are driving.

This is part of a new pilot program that will help parents know about their kids’ whereabouts.

“Our subscribers have asked us for a solution to help them stay connected to their family when they’re on the road,” said OnStar President Linda Marshall. “What parent hasn’t asked their teenaged driver to call or send a text when they arrive somewhere, only to not hear from them Family Link’s Vehicle Locate feature lets a parent check on their child’s progress or help determine when he/she might be home safe and sound.

“That means peace of mind for them and their loved ones while they’re on the road.”

To kick off the program, General Motors will invite about 10,000 current active US OnStar subscribers to participate in the program.

A secondary program that OnStar is planning is called “Speed Alert, Boundary Alert and Arrival/Departure Alert.” For example, parents can set an alert for when teens drive over 75 mph and receive a text message about it on their cellphone. But the use of program isn’t just limited to teenagers as parents can track the locations of their elders as well in the event of a strong inclement of weather or a remote location/destination.

– By: Chris Chin