Best Global Brands: Toyota is the ‘world’s greenest brand’

Independent analytical firm, Interbrand, has just released a new study that says Toyota is the “world’s greenest brand,” beating corporate industrial behemoths like 3M and Siemens.

Better known for the Best Global Brands study, Interbrand introduced this study to measure the environmental performance and a brand’s environmental sustainability based on public records.

With models such as the Prius and Toyotas prominence in alternative powertrains in the automobile industry, Interbrand called Toyota “a leading example of making the environment a core management priority, while also engaging in a meaningful way with audiences around the world.”

“The strongest green brands consistently differentiate themselves and engage in green activities that consumers find relevant, as well as implement profitable green practices across their organization, from setting and executing environmental programs to effectively measuring and reporting their performance to the public,” Interbrand announced in their press conference.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Inside Line