Burt Rutan working on flying hybrid car

Burt Rutan Hybrid Plane

Burt Rutan, Scaled Composites founder, had the idea for, essentially, a flying car for quite some time. Just before his retirement this past April, he produced the final design for what is referred to as a “BIPOD” or the Scaled Composites Model 367.

Scaled Composites developed Rutan’s design of a hybrid gas-electric aircraft that can also drive on the road (technically). While development was in progress, the research team came across many similarities between a car’s drive train and the one used for the model, so they took the idea to the next level with a frame for a car that can actually fly.

The team managed to produce a model in only four months of receiving the design. It has since been built upon and is now a high performance airplane that can go up to 200mph, yet is still suitable for highways and city driving.

Inside, the project has two cockpits and storage for exterior extras while not in use, such as the wings.

A lithium-ion battery has been installed as a back up, but the power should run just fine off the two installed combustion engines.

So far, testing has gone well, but the project is still in development.

– By: Alexandra Koken