Florida-based fuel-efficient sports car startup hires McLaren F1 designer

McLaren F1

Rivian Automotive, a small company established in Florida, just got a huge break. The designer of the McLaren F1, Peter Stevens, has just taken a new spot as Rivian’s director of design.

The small automotive company has big ambition, with a goal of producing environmentally friendly performance cars and is currently working on developing a highly flexible vehicle platform for a range of efficient, fun-to-drive, affordably-priced, vehicles.

“It is very seldom that a designer gets an opportunity to be involved from the earliest stages in a truly creative project,” says Stevens. “Our design philosophy is to confirm to the purchaser that this is a company that knows its customers to be enlightened people who share the same ideals as Rivian. Those customers, like the team at Rivian, want their driving experiences to be entertaining, and their purchase to be visually appealing.”

Originally Avera Motors, Rivian landed on its current name due to a lawsuit from Hyundai over its Azera four-door. The company has been established since 2009, and started out as an energy and thermal control company.

As the latest staff addition, Stephens comes with quite a resume. He crafted the aerodynamics, body and interior for the McLaren, on top of work with BMW, Jaguar, GM, and MG Rover.

This should make quite a team. I’m dying for an eco-friendly concept that doesn’t disappoint. Perhaps this will be the team to deliver.

– By: Alexandra Koken