A rare, never before seen Lamborghini by Giugiaro

Lamborghini by Giugiaro

In order to keep lineups fresh, car manufacturers would go above and beyond to come out with new concepts and ideas to keep up with an ever-changing market. Some of those ideas and concepts are made into production models whereas some are left in the pages of history, which then disappear off of the face of the Earth until someone stumbles upon it. This happens quite a lot, with the most recent example that I can think of being the original E31 BMW M8 concept, which never made it into production and was left sitting collecting dust in a warehouse. That is until a member at BMW recently dug the concept out for recognition in light of news of a BMW supercar in the works. With this unnamed Lamborghini, however, the story is somewhat similar.

Fabrizio Guigaro, son of the founding father of Giugiaro Design, stumbled upon one of his father’s designs from the “Bertone era” of 1960-1965. He then had it digitized, milled and painted. Afterwards, Fabrizio threw some wheels, headlamps and a period numberplate, all for his father’s birthday.

Story has it that this 1963 design, which was just in the form of some drawings, was presented at the Torino Motor Show of that year hinting that Lamborghini was in the works for a new supercar project. At the time, Giugiaro wasn’t the only design firm hired for Lamborghini’s new supercar as Pininfarina, Ghia, Vignale, Michelotti and others submitted design proposals with very little knowledge of Lamborghini’s supercar project.

While other designs for the project were never seen, this sculpture pictured gives the world an idea of what the first iterations of the Lamborghini supercar would have looked like. And ultimately, this project that Lamborghini had back in the day was what led up to the historic Miura.

Lamborghini by Giugiaro:

Lamborghini by Giugiaro Lamborghini by Giugiaro Lamborghini by Giugiaro Lamborghini by Giugiaro

– By: Chris Chin

Source: cardesignnews