After the first AWD FF, Ferrari preparing world for its first hybrid supercar

Ferrari 599 GTO

A new picture of what seems to be a new Ferrari 599 GTO is floating around. However, word is that the particular 599 in the picture isn’t a normal 599.

Ferrari is destined to show the world that it will be producing the world’s first hybrid supercar. Ever since the Geneva Motor Show of 2010, the Maranello firm has been talking about making one, setting goals like the model must achieve 240g/km by 2018.

This picture specifically takes place in Germany and the car in the picture is a test mule for the underpinnings of the next generation all-new 599 replacement due in 2013. And what says that this 599 in the picture is a hybrid are the identification plates. Ferrari prototypes wear only Italian “Prova” plates. But in place of those plates are ditched in favor of German plates with the S meaning it was registered in Stuttgart, which is not only home to the Mercedes-Benz behemoth, but Bosch electronics as well. Not to mention, word has it that Bosch is supposedly in the works with Ferrari in terms of engineering and software.

A closer look of the 599 test mule revealed that the underpinnings were vastly similar to Ferrari’s front-engine V8-powered California but with major differences with parts such as the exhaust. It was rearranged in a way that suggested the exhaust was rerouted to make room for the new hybrid powertrain and its gynormous battery.

The hybrid system is supposed to have two electric motors, a low capacity one sitting at the front to drive the accessory devices and a rear-mounted one that’s pegged at offering 100hp and 110 lb-ft of torque.

Despite a said increase of about 100kg at the unveiling of the 599 Hybrid Concept at last year’s Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari says that performance has been improved for a 0-100mph time of 10.4 seconds, 0.6 seconds higher than previous. And lastly, because a hybrid powertrain changes everything from the structure of the car to its entire design, a new traction control system is being developed for the hybrid.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoCar