‘Tuatara’ is the name of the SSC’s latest supercar that will hit 275 mph

SSC Tuatara

We reported this past weekend that American supercar maker Shelby Supercars will reveal the name of its upcoming model in the coming weeks. Well, it just happened to be the ‘coming days.’ The Washington based supercar maker announced today that the next SSC Ultimate Aero II will carry the name “TUATARA (pronounced twu‐tar‐ah).”

“The design specifications for the Next Generation SSC were so extreme; we knew early on that a proper name would be a key piece of the puzzle for this project,” says Jerod Shelby, Founder, Lead Designer and CEO of SSC.

The name of the SSC Tuatara was apparently inspired by a modern day New Zealand reptile that is a direct descendent of dinosaurs.

“While the Tuatara is a very unique creature, there was a particular property of this reptile that immediately married it with SSC,” SSC said in a statement. “The Tuatara possesses the fastest evolving DNA in the world, and amongst the world’s greatest supercar manufacturers, so does SSC.”

So far we know that the SSC Tuatara will be powered by a 6.8L V8 engine making 1,350-hp, which will allow it to go from 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds with a top speed of 275 mph. That will make it the fastest car in the world after the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

SSC Tuatara:


– By: Omar Rana