Ford launched Octane Academy for hardcore drivers with Ken Block, Tanner Foust

Ford Octane Academy

Ford is looking to gain the attention of the younger market, dubbed the “Millennial Enthusiasts” with its new Ford Octane Academy.

The Academy opens up the opportunity for extreme sports enthusiast to compete in an online contest divided into four camps. Contestants enter via video submission proving they have the skills to keep up with the Academy’s pros for a weekend. Another way to help you win? Submit something showing “just you being yourself”, as per Ford. The four day competition will be filmed and has the potential to turn into a show, in reality TV fashion.

“Today’s Millennial generation is extremely influential so our job is finding new and inventive ways of communicating and connecting with them, which includes building our presence in the multibillion-dollar world of extreme sports,” said Jim Farley, Ford group vice president, Global Marketing, Sales and Service. “With an all-star lineup of drivers and vehicles, Ford is bringing fans directly into the excitement of action sports in a way only Ford can with the first-ever dedicated consumer experience for this energetic and expressive audience.”

Four camps will have one winner each that will receive the prize of a custom car produced by a team of noteworthy drivers. Ford’s Octane’s academy features Ken Block and Vaughn Gittin, Jr. among other pros.

November kicks off the first camp, which gives fans the chance to experience driving courses and events that the racers created, and even to drive the racer’s cars. The July 28 X Games 17 will mark the launch of the event. Entrees are being accepted at the Ford Octane Academy web site.

– By: Alexandra Koken