Singer and Cosworth develop third custom Porsche 911

Singer Cosworth Porsche 911

Any automobile enthusiasts should have some sort of hard-on for a P-Car. However, for those who have a soft spot for the older models, but don’t want to have to deal with the potential hassles involving a second-hand air-cooled Porsche, the Aria Group, or Singer Design and Cosworth have a solution for you.

What they have is the Singer Design 911, which combines modern day technology with the classic aesthetics of the original Porsche 911 from the 1960s.

“We are thrilled to be involved with these incredible companies who together bring a wealth of heritage, intelligence and global engineering expertise to this labor of love,” said Singer Vehicle Design’s founder and director, Rob Dickinson. “This is not just about re-imagining an icon; we’re working in a collaborative spirit of excellence to build something that celebrates Porsche’s genius and the air-cooled era of the world’s most important sports car: the Porsche 911.”

The Singer Design 911 starts off as a 964 second generation 911, which the firm says “has a perfect blend of vintage 911 character and technical sophistication.” The 964 is then given a custom carbon fiber body that pays tribute to the classic 911 from the 1960s and 1970s.

Under the rear hood, famous engine firm Cosworth takes the 964’s original air-cooled flat-six and modernizes it with an optimized signature Cosworth cylinder head design, more modern fuel injection, a reworked intake and exhaust just to name several changes. Choices range from a 3.6L to a 4.0L, with power ratings beginning at 300-hp and going as high as 425-hp.

Prices for the Singer/Cosworth Porsche 911 start at $190,000 and depending on your options list, can tip the scales at more than $300,000. So yes, this is only for the serious P-Car enthusiast.

Singer Cosworth Porsche 911:

Singer Cosworth Porsche 911 Singer Cosworth Porsche 911 Singer Cosworth Porsche 911 Singer Cosworth Porsche 911

– By: Chris Chin