Report: Hyundai working on V8 supercar to rival Porsche 911, BMW 6-Series, Nissan GT-R

Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Ten years ago, if any of us heard of a rumor that Hyundai would be producing a supercar to rival the Chevrolet Corvette Z06, Nissan GT-R, Jaguar XK, BMW 650i, and P-Cars like the Porsche 911 and Cayman, we’d all find the closest person to exchange a “what-are-you-tripping-on” look with. So is not the case today, as this rumor stands strong with hints of truthfulness behind it.

The rumor says that Hyundai’s new potential supercar will be a coupe and will provide the same perks as the flagship Equus sedan, including an iPad as the owner’s manual as well as delivery and pick-up service.

When asked the magical question, Hyundai’s CEO John Krafcik said in plain English that no supercar is in the works and rather called the rumor, “scurrilous nonsense.”

Despite the word from the head himself, rumors are still continuing on suggesting that this new model will either be front- or mid-engined and will use Hyundai’s new, all-aluminum 5.0L Tau V8, which is currently the beating heart for the Genesis R-Spec sedan. Featuring a higher compression ratio, more displacement than the standard 4.6L Tau V8, and direct injection, the 5.0L Tau V8 is good for a not-shabby-at-all 429-hp and 376 lb-ft of torque.

If the supercar was to be produced, power would obviously be delivered to the rear wheels. All-wheel drive would be too expensive and too heavy for the car so that said, the transmission choice cannot be pondered about at this time.

Even though this Hyundai supercar is just a rumor, the promising bit of this rumor is that Hyundai’s new partner, Kia said that they will be introducing a rear-wheel drive sports car featuring the Tau V8. Put two and two together and this rumor may not be as far-fetched as you think.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Inside Line