Ford unveils two Mad Max Interceptor Concepts in Australia

Ford Mad Max Interceptor Concepts

Some of you older lot may remember the film “Mad Max,” featuring Mel Gibson before he went batsh*t insane crazy. For those of you who don’t, it’s a film by George Miller—who also directed and produced Academy Award nominated movie, “Babe”—that takes place in a dystopian future where law and order are crippling. That said, it featured a specially designed Ford Falcon XB GT 351 that was driven by Mr. Gibson himself. So Ford of Australia decided to produce and debut two modern day iterations of the Mad Max Interceptor at the 2011 Australian International Motor Show.

The two concepts were made by Ford for Top Gear Magazine Australia to pay homage to the revival of the Mad Max franchise and were selected by fans and voters via Top Gear Australia’s website.

“We’re delighted that both our readers and the social web community have warmed to the car,” said Steve Corby, Top Gear Austrailia’s magazine editor. “The level of interest has really taken us by surprise, particularly with on-line media.”

The two concepts were designed by Nima Nourian and Simon Brook and feature the most outrageous technology and gadgets one could ever think of for a Hollywood film car. Such items include industrial-strength weapons like front-mounted “tasers.”

But these concepts aren’t just for show. A fourth installment to the Mad Max movie collection is currently in the planning stages and will most likely feature one, if not both, of the concepts.

Ford Mad Max Interceptor Concepts:

Ford Mad Max Interceptor Concepts Ford Mad Max Interceptor Concepts Ford Mad Max Interceptor Concepts Ford Mad Max Interceptor Concepts

– By: Chris Chin