Chinese police rebadge Mercedes-Benz ML as a Honda CR-V to avoid angry taxpayers

Mercedes-Benz Honda CR-V

China’s history with the automobile has been very controversial. To add to their bucket list, the city of Fengchenggang in the Guangzi Province decided to buy a Mercedes-Benz W164 ML350 for their local police force and rebadge it as a Honda CR-V.

Apparently, this move involves some loopholes in order to avoid being criticized for wasting taxpayers’ money because their police ML cost only 900.00 yuan or $139 US whereas a Honda CR-V costs only 200 yuan or $31 US. Uhm, wow.

But of course, nobody is dumb enough to mistake a Mercedes ML for a Honda CR-V, so the public went up in arms and posted pictures of the rebadged Mercedes so the Fengchenggang government could be ridiculed. And to make things more interesting, the city denied that they ever made changes to the Mercedes. Right.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: CarNewsChina